wedding sample menu

endless options for your special day

sample menu weddingsWedding menu

Whatever you or your families culinary desires for your special day, Organic Passion Catering can create the perfect creative combination. We specialise in Vegan cuisine.

left image: Involtini de zucchini with macadamia pesto oil, can be found in our new cookbook

retreat sample menu

with food like this, they'll book in again next retreat!

sample menu retreatRetreat weekly menu...delicious!

left image: Indonesian-inspired ‘gado gado’ with sesame tempeh, can be found in our new cookbook

raw food sample menu

the best in raw food

sample menu rawRaw food sample menu, for health, vitality and wellbeing. Particularly great for retreats!

left image: Chocolate vanilla tarts with chocolate almond crust, can be found in our new cookbook