antheaAnthea Amore:
Author, caterer, photographer & public speaker

Anthea is a self taught vegan cook, cooking for herself since she was 14 years old. Her expertise has spanned almost 3 decades of vegan cooking. “This book has been a long time coming!” says author and photographer Anthea Amore of ‘PASSION, organic vegan recipes to live for’. Anthea started writing it 16 years ago while cooking for the famous restaurant ‘Food for Friends’ in Brighton, England in 1998. She travelled all over Europe for the next 5 years, catering for the odd summer party or art exhibition opening in the south of France and was the resident cook in the yoga retreat centre ‘Holistic Holidays’ on one of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, for around 18 months.  

Anthea Amore returned to the Byron shire in 2003 and began catering in the Byron region. She worked at the Byron Organic Kitchen for a short time and then managed the well-known ‘Santos Organics’ café & kitchen for 5 years. She has been fulltime catering for the last 6 years in her business Organic Passion Catering, with husband Caspar Brace. They have been catering for over 12 years in the region (and beyond) for retreats, functions and weddings.

‘Creating this book was a response to people constantly asking for my recipes’ says food writer Anthea.  ‘I got tired of trying to dictate recipes over the counter (at Santos) or on a retreat, so I created a blog four years ago that I could point people toward’.

Meet Anthea at World Vegan Day in Melbourne

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Anthea will be having a stall to sell her book and new Healthy Life Recipe Calendar for 2016. Come down and meet her and talk about all things food and vegan. Book signing and gift wrapping available.

Meet Anthea at the Writer's festival

Come and meet Anthea at the writer's festival this year, Friday 7th of august at 2pm and get your book signed

Leigh-Chantelle interviews Anthea Amore

Viva la Vegan!Leigh-Chantelle interviews gourmet vegan chef, Anthea Amore. We talk about her new book "Passion: Organic Vegan Recipes to live for", as well as why organic and non-GMO food is important, catering, and her food philosophy over the past 20 years.


Eco policy for Organic Passion business

anthea gardenGood food is simple and so are the choices around bringing it all together; fresh, organic, locally grown produce created for you with love and respect.

Organic, Vegan, Sustainable, Ethical, Environmental Catering is a big mouthful, but it’s a mouthful full of goodness and one that we can happily swallow and enjoy. We look at all the details that go into creating wonderful food & excellent services and ask ourselves: