Eco policy for Organic Passion business

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Eco Ethics:

Good food is simple and so are the choices around bringing it all together; fresh, organic, locally grown produce created for you with love and respect.

Organic, Vegan, Sustainable, Ethical, Environmental Catering is a big mouthful, but it’s a mouthful full of goodness and one that we can happily swallow and enjoy. We look at all the details that go into creating wonderful food & excellent services and ask ourselves:

Is this the best we can do for the Planet? Is this the best ethical option we have available? Is this the greenest option around? We constantly ask ourselves these questions and evolve according to what we find when we look for better ways to do things. It just makes sense to us and doesn’t cost the earth and it feels like the right thing to do in our fragile world.

Vego/Vegan Policy:

This is also part of our Organic Green Policy. Farming practices in the West can be detrimental to the environment and are often unacceptable to most animal lovers. Dairy farming as well as animal farming for meat has a huge impact on water consumption and can cause negative land & soil contamination and erosion problems. Cows omit lots of methane gas which add to green house gas emissions. By reducing your dairy and meat consumption on a daily basis you can have a profoundly positive effect on your health and the health of our planet. See, you can do something and it really doesn’t cost you or the Earth anything!

We are strictly a /Vegan Catering Company and don’t prepare any animal products like animal or seafood flesh, or animal bi-products such as oils or stock powders. (We can use organically farmed dairy products though if you wish for them)

Organic Policy:

We love and are passionate about cooking with organic food. We buy bulk (re-using packaging), local & seasonal where possible and that seems to help keep our catering services affordable for most budgets. It really doesn’t seem to cost that much extra and the quality and taste is exceptional! There’s no turning back once you taste the difference!

Basically if we can get it organic, we will. No half measures or statements we don’t fully back. We are 100% seriously committed to organic food for all the right reasons. For one, it taste so much better and most importantly it is the only sane farming practice that makes sense, considering climate change and our planets delicate balance.

It’s our ethical commitment to our environment and mother earth and is part of our Climate Change & Organic Green Policy. We hope you are happy with this and feel as inspired about organic food as we are.

Waste Policy

Reducing our waste and recycling is part of our commitment to the Planet. Where possible we buy all of our grains, oils, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in bulk. We re-fill bottles and jars, and take our own packaging and boxes with us when we shop.

We love to compost and encourage others to do so too. It’s easy and is such a wonderful resource for your garden. You should see our abundant garden!

We are all learning to take better, more thoughtful steps towards a healthier planet and life style. Let’s continue to learn from each other and share in ways to improve the way we do things.

If you would like to assist us with recycling after your event we would be grateful.