Retreat style!: Banana & coconut porridge with plum & ginger compote.
Retreat style!: Moroccan Millet slice with roast pumpkin wedges & sundried tomato & mint tapenade.
Retreat style!: Mango & lime coconut panna cotta
Retreat style!: Nectarine & Blueberry breakfast chia pudding
retreat style!: Hot cross buns with banana & fig, ginger & chia jam
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After years of catering as well as hosting retreats, we know how important food is when you are away from home. It can be part of the reason someone returns to the retreat the following year.

We want to enhance everybody’s retreat experience, making the food healthy & nourishing, tasty and delicious, and food that has a bit of the wow factor!

We would love to help make your retreat run smoothly. We can take on all the food related responsibilities, working closely with you to ensure the food supports your retreat program. You may require that the food be ‘light’ and ‘clean’ for the type of program you run or you may simply like the food to be appealing and delicious to everyone’s taste buds, from meat eaters to vegetarians alike!

We specialize in Gluten free, Dairy Free, Raw food & Sugar free. Email us for more information