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Anthea Amore | Vegan Chef
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Anthea Amore: Vegan Chef

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Anthea Amore is a Vegan Chef, Author, Caterer, Photographer and Public speaker. Find out more

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Welcome to Organic Passion Catering, where love and food meet!

Dunking a chunk of good fresh bread into sun drenched olive oil; bursting open a silky plump black olive between your teeth; crunching into a crisp stick of celery that has just been swept through creamy cashew hummus; de-cobbing golden corn dripping with olive oil and salt with your teeth; munching on a bowl of succulent, lightly steamed green beans or snow peas doused in lime juice, good oil and salt; chewing on a salad of barley, slow cooked caramelised fennel and fresh mint. This is not even the tip of the iceberg but a whisper of the limitless possibilities, when enjoying gloriously simple food!

Our passion is for good honest food; simple, wholesome, real food, food that speaks of fresh authentic flavours and new ideas.

We are Byron Bay’s leading vegan catering company and we are passionate about vegan catering in the Byron Bay region, Gold Coast and Brisbane area and beyond. We also specialise in gluten-free catering, raw food catering and most special dietary needs. We celebrate the beauty and abundance of fresh vegetables, and the versatility of grains, legumes, pulses and nuts, and the infinite array of global flavours from every continent, wedding and pairing and exploring combinations until each dish sings.

Our food choices are an effortless way to make a daily affirmation on what is respectful, humble even, to Mother Nature and humans alike. By choosing organic food, Fair-traded, avoiding excessive and wasteful packaging, recycling all waste and reusing packaging wherever possible, with minimal food miles and following the basics of seasonal eating, we do have an impact. All these factors make up honest food that can be celebrated with joy.

Together, we can make a difference with the one thing we share with everyone, our basic need for good food to inspire and sustain us.

Talk to us about catering for your event, teaching a cooking class to you and your friends or for your team building programs, or for a copy of ‘PASSION: organic vegan recipes to live for’ cookbook. Click here to contact us for gneral enquiries.